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Driver: Dan Pina

Red Bull Formula Drift Licensing event at Long Bea


 Drift Patrol sponsored by :
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 New  525+ hp
engine powers Dan to 6th place qualifying run at the Long Beach FD Pro/Am event

Team Drift Performance, consisting of Dan Pina, Calvin Wan, and Tony Brakohiapa Take First Place in Portland, Oregon!

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The concept of the "Drift Patrol" came to Daniel Pina in 2002. Having competed in Autocross, Rally Cross, Road Racing and even Pro Rally, Dan wanted to pursue drifting in something other than a 240sx.
The car needed to be easy to replace when wrecked, have tons of aftermarket support, and fairly inexpensive to maintain. Dan decided after much research that a "fox body" Mustang was just the ticket. In March of 2004, he located and purchased a 1987 Mustang suitable for the project.
The "Drift Patrol" car made its debut in November of 2004, during a Pro Drift Demo at the Subaru Rim of the World Pro Rally held in Lancaster, CA. The car gained huge popularity, even granting Dan a TV interview on the show Primer Impacto, on  international Latin television channel Unavision. On December 21, 2005, Daniel was seen drifting this car in The Falken Tires Drift Showoff on ESPN2's Import Racers show in the San Francisco Bay Area. Recently Dan was seen on VH1's Hogan Knows Best, Nick in the Drivers seat.

Drift Patrol goes top 8 at Nitro-2-Go Pro Invitational!!!
Drift Patrols last event was the Rim of the World Rally Pro Invitational put on by Nitro-2-Go.
Competition began after Saturdays special stage of the Pro Rally. About 30 drivers tried out for the top 16 spots to compete in the tandem competition. Still getting used to the setup, I was able to qualify in the 16th and final spot.
  My first round of tandem competition would be against  Falken Tires' Hiro Sumida in his new Silvia S15. Hiro lead first, but went wide on the first turn. I understeered, then trying to avoid Hiro tightening his line, under steered again. It was an ugly run for both of us, but I believe Hiro had the advantage.
 Next I lead, and with no rearview mirror, I was going for it. After watching the replay, I almost pulled two car lengths on Hiro before initiating. Hiro spun behind me on the first turn, and I continued to drift without incident (I had no idea he spun). This advanced me to the top 8!
  The next round I was paired against my good friend Calvin Wan, driver of Falken Tires G35. He was piloting his personal RX-7. Calvin leading first, went in fast to the first corner. I was a decent distance behind, but sensing an  understeer, pulled my hydraulic handbrake to save the drift. Unfortunately, the brake continued to drag and I could not make up the distance.  Advantage was Calvins. I lead next, Calvin stayed very close behind. I stood on the gas the entire first turn, and closed the door on Calvin. On the transition, I braked to slow my momentum and try and stay tight to the next apex. Calvin had to hit the brakes hard, and in order to prevent understeer he had to initiate early,... too early. He ran over the apex cones, missing the turn. Advantage was mine. Since Calvin had a bigger advantage on his run, he moved on to The top 4, and eventually the Win. Congrats Calvin!
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New suspension parts being mounted to the
rear end thanks to Griggs Racing!